Course I - Fundamentals for Self-Reliant Leaders

Leading Self | Leading Others | Leading Organizations

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This course is only available as part of the yearly subscription bundle.

Yearly Subscription Bundle

Shot on location in Moab, Utah, Course I – Fundamentals for Self-Reliant Leaders includes 12 video lessons – each approximately five minutes in length – that address the 12 critical leadership questions associated with The Three Pillars of Self-Reliant Leadership: Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading the Organization.

The videos feature candid interviews with seasoned Special Operation soldiers and senior executives from the corporate world.

Each video lesson is accompanied by a Learning Assessment and a Discussion Guide that a leader uses to facilitate an interactive and engaging conversation with their team to target specific behaviors that are key to effective leadership and teamwork.

The Discussion Guides are comprised of:
  • Lesson Overview
  • Video Summary
  • Ideas for Action
  • Questions for You and Your Team
  • Further Exploration

Your Instructor

Jan Rutherford
Jan Rutherford

A former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier and successful business executive, Jan Rutherford knows the value of overcoming challenges to strengthen resilience and lead more effectively. With over 25 years of business experience, Jan has held executive roles in business development, marketing, sales, training, product management, and as a CEO. In 2011, Jan founded Self-Reliant Leadership, LLC – a leadership development firm focused on helping leaders and teams develop self-reliance to create powerful futures through keynote presentations, workshops, executive coaching, and wilderness expeditions. As a professional speaker, coach, workshop facilitator and strategist, Jan works with leaders across the U.S. and Europe who have heroic aspirations, and believe the best way to grow an organization is by developing their people.

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This course is only available as part of the yearly subscription bundle.

Yearly Subscription Bundle