The Compass Solution

A Guide to Winning Your Career

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The greatest financial investment of your life is your career. Most will spend – at minimum – 100,000 thousands hours in building one. And a great many will treat that journey with the same degree of critical thinking as they might the purchase of a lottery ticket – effectively gambling away their future.

That’s why so many leave their jobs everyday – or become disillusioned – or become disengaged - or pray for a way out. Said another way - at best, they hope to survive.

The facts that support that supposition are well documented:

  • In the United States alone – more than half of workers report they are effectively mentally uncoupled from their job
  • Up to one third are actively “looking” for other employment opportunities at any given time
  • Seventy thousand plus employees voluntarily “give up” their jobs every day – and the 2 million plus per month figure is growing
  • Up to three quarters report they ended up in careers they had not planned on
The Compass Solution was written for those who intend to win this greatest of life investments - not just endure it.

This is the definitive guide to navigating a path – written by someone who walked the trail ahead of you and found the markers and the map most never find.

Finally, one practical resource that balances personal experience with proven theory – a guide for the newcomer struggling to find their niche or the veteran lost and effectively wandering.

It’s your career. It’s your decisions that will dictate the outcome of that 100,000 hour investment.
If you choose to own your journey – here’s your starting point:

The videos to follow will introduce you to the four cardinal points of the Compass – and some of the basic principles you can begin to apply today More important, they will offer context in practical terms on what each really means with personal stories that illuminate.

Your Instructor

Tim Cole
Tim Cole
Tim Cole is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Compass Alliance. His experience is exceptionally broad – across sales, marketing, human resources, training, market access, and leadership development. He has enjoyed a number of senior level positions in the pharmaceutical industry – literally managing billions of dollars in portfolio and thousands of employees over the course of his career. He played an instrumental role in the growth of a small Midwestern firm into one of the largest healthcare companies in the world.

Along the way he’s been intimately involved in sourcing and developing talent and his mentorship of scores of individuals who have gone on to assume senior level roles with other companies has earned him industry wide accolades. He’s helped launched 20 new brands to the market and played key roles in 6 legitimate blockbusters. He is a multiple winner of Excellence in Leadership Awards and is regarded as one of the most highly respected veterans in the healthcare arena. He is the architect of Strategic Performance Planning, has contributed to multiple books on leadership and the future of healthcare, and is himself, a published author.

But much of his journey transcends the roles assigned. He counts among his most significant accomplishments – the ability to survive and thrive in the face of over 2-dozen restructures and 5 mergers and acquisitions, becoming – over time – one of the few industry veterans to successfully weather the waves of downsizings that swept the pharmaceutical world. The experiences and the insights gained inform the book The Compass Solution.

The clock is ticking on your 100,000 thousand hour narrative right now. It’s your decisions that will dictate the outcome – not your company, not your boss, and not your luck at selecting lottery numbers. The Compass Solution is the ONE guidebook that can actually help you write YOUR career story.